Blackshirt Claims: About Us

We are more than an adjusting company

Our partnership... defined by the wrap around experience you have at Blackshirt Claim Service, Inc.
To paraphrase ... ...Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz, We are in the customer service business providing adjusting services.
You are assigned... ...a client representative who will work to ensure that we are meeting your company’s needs through our adjusting service.
Our professional... ...claim management service reduces the likelihood of claim re-opens and increases insured satisfaction.

Our Services

Our services include coverage for...

  • Fire
  • Flood Damage
  • Accident - Medical Claims

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Our Philosophy...

Our philosophy is based on our three foci:

•  The Insurance Company
•  The Insured
•  The Adjusters

We support the insurance company by providing the right claim adjustment; we support the insured by providing a professional adjustment experience; we support the adjusters by providing them with the support they need to be the best in the field.


Our coverage stretches across six states, primarily in the Midwest. See Map.